“Born Royal” Ladies Graphic Tee

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Clear close-up of African American Woman wearing white, round neck Graphic t-shirt standing in a building hallway. Printed t-shirt says "Born Royal" in cursive graphic, centered horizontally across chest.  2 lines--Born on first line, Royal on second.  T-shirt 100% cotton.
“Born Royal” Ladies Graphic Tee
Young, African American woman with full curly afro, and black square eyeglasses, modeling white, round neck Graphic t-shirt. Posing with arms folded. Peach-colored background.  T-shirt graphic says Born Royal- in black, cursive letters, centered across chest in 2 horizontal lines.

It’s your lineage! 

Ladies fitted Tee

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Design Inspiration:  From the Motherland we emerge. Our lineage—Kings, Queens, Griots and Sages. We are Royalty on purpose.  Rock your truth! 

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